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Simone Biles gives fans peak into her Olympic-sized home (photos)

rolling out
rolling out
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

Now that gymnastics legend Simone Biles put a bronze-minted finish to her record-setting career in Tokyo, she can finally retreat to her Olympic-sized home for some old-fashioned therapeutic healing.

Biles, 24, returned from her brief hiatus from the USA Gymnastics team to collect the bronze medal in the balance beam competition following her bout with anxiety and mental exhaustion.

After earning her seventh Olympic medal, which is tied for a record with Shannon Miller, the 24-year-old savant is flying back to her mammoth elegant home in Houston. The Columbus, Ohio native bought the Texas mansion back in 2019 and she has been giving her nearly seven million Instagram followers peeks into her lavish lifestyle.

We can begin with what most consider the heart of the home: the kitchen. Three grey crystal light fittings hang prominently above marble work breakfast bar and black chairs and are offset with marble kitchen cabinets.
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

The home boasts a large sliding glass door that leads to the patio area.
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

The backyard is decorated with swinging seats around the table and smaller egg chairs that are situated closer to the house.
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

A gigantic charcoal-grey sofa dominates Biles’ living room that sits on wooden floors that are encased with all-white walls.
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

Meticulously-manicured lawn and shrubs border a beautifully-designed swimming pool that is also equipped with a raised hot tub.
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

What is a Simone Biles home without the requisite workout space?
Simone Biles (Image source: Instagram – @simonebiles)

Of course, the home would come equipped with a walk-in closet that flosses carpeted floors and armed with shelves for her vast shoe collection.

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Trudy Dizon

You all haters. She help her teammates to get some medals for themselves, sunni dad give thanks to Simone she gave them a chance to compete. So leave Simone Biles alone ok haters.

Dale Griffin

Just think, if she were not a victim of systemic racism and racial microaggressions her house would be a thousand times bigger and better.

Peggie Felix

You people need to STOP having so much hatefulness in your hearts ‘ leave that very smart intelligent black young lady alone ok ‘ she didn’t steal a dam thing ok she earned everything that she won ok ‘ so get over it’ and live with it ok ‘ cause I know one thing they can’t take nothing back from her ok ‘ good night’ sleep on it 😘


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