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The DOJ Official Who Tried to Steal the Election for Trump Has a Sweet New Gig


Cover picture for the articleOn Tuesday, ABC News reported that Jeffrey Bossert Clark—the Justice Department official who spearheaded an effort to overturn the 2020 election—sought to convince the Georgia General Assembly to throw out the actual results of the race and award its electoral votes to Donald Trump instead. In a draft letter, sent last December, Clark alleged that mass voter fraud had compromised the legitimacy of Georgia’s election, in which Joe Biden narrowly prevailed. As a remedy, Clark, speaking on behalf of the Justice Department, advised the state legislature to call itself into a special session, investigate the alleged fraud, and appoint “a separate slate of electors” who would cast their votes for Trump. Clark’s superiors ultimately quashed this attempt to nullify millions of valid votes.

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John Eaker

Well, for a lot of us that don’t come from “ the right side of the tracks”, it is par for the course. Those people “ with” don’t suffer the same consequences as those of us who are the “ with out’s”. To me, none who participated and promoted the “LIE” should ever be allowed before the bar again, in any matter, fashion or form. They openly tried to overthrow the will of the people, they are traitors to our country, our constitution, and our basic beliefs. They should be in jail for their crimes!

ola olu

These people have no shame. They stand for nothing and are against the constitution of this country. These people represent the dark world of destruction

Kathleen Schumaker

Well that needs to be changed! Get these corrupt people in jail! Being a lawyer should have no reason to protect them!


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