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Biden admits he is proudly and deliberately breaking the law

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleDespite the Supreme Court’s explicit warning that any executive extension of the federal eviction moratorium would be struck down, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decided this week to implement a new moratorium anyway for two months. When asked about the legal obstacles this policy would inevitably run into, President Joe Biden admitted that what his administration is doing is illegal, but he said he doesn’t care.

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Since Biden admired he’s breaking the law, arrest him for breaking the law. Simply put, if you break the law, you get arrested for breaking the law.

Joel Jamison

yeah ok but what about forcing not a experimental vaccine but a vaccine that scientists know doesn't protect you against covid19 on people who dont want to take it isnt that unconstitutional and breaking the law

Kat Bunn

let's just say that several yrs ago, u invested in an apt complex/homes. u mayha e spent ur life savings, but was expecting to get ur money back in rents! Everything was going great- u hired ppl to maintain blg and landscaping. THEN covid came about, ppl stopped paying although they were getting more $$ in unemployment than they were working plus 'stimulus ' checks to help with rent. Many did not use the money responsibly, got behind in payments -- BUT that's ok bc now don't have to pay bc of covid.Now want extension to not get evicted. In the meantime, u that own that complex, also have ur rent/bills to pay, that now u don't have!!So now, ur foreclosed upon and loose any possible income. So now, all the homes/apts r empty and government takes over to be able to have supreme control over the whole thing !Sounds like communism to me !! 😬🥺😡🙀


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