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Ohio State

4 takeaways from Ohio's special congressional primaries


Cover picture for the article(CNN) — In two Ohio congressional primaries Tuesday, Democratic voters embraced the party's establishment, delivering President Joe Biden another ally and denying the left-wing "Squad" its latest member. Republicans, meanwhile, stuck with former President Donald Trump. The two themes could preview what's to come in next year's midterm elections, with...

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Danny Harris

Why is it that black voters always vote as they are told by people such as James Clyburn, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. They need to learn to think for themselves and ask the question “What have the Democrats done for blacks over the last 100 years except to keep us dependent on them?”

madelene crane

Ohio citizens finally have decided to make their own intelligent decision. They are asking themselves, how has the Dems helped me? Can’t think of anything. Actually many blacks seem to still have poor schools, poor housing, poor jobs. Private people & institutions have helped blacks more than Dems. Ohioians join the 21st century Let’s keep America Safe from Socialism or Marxism. History has proven the only ones who benefit are government & elite. Why do you think people want in, AMERICA is best.


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