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'The was blood pouring down my face': Woman is pecked in the eye at a café after trying to share some of her toast with a bird

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

A woman has described the frightening moment she was attacked by a butcherbird inside a cafe.

Debbie Jones was having a quiet breakfast in a popular Burleigh Heads cafe on the Queensland coast when she decided to share her meal with the local wildlife.

The bird landed a single powerful peck on Ms Jones' eye when she tried to finish her toast, leaving her in severe pain and rushing to the doctor's surgery.
Debbie Jones (pictured) was sharing her lunch with a butcherbird when it attacked her, landing a peck into her eye

'It just attacked me in the eye,' Ms Jones told 9 News.

'I started to run down the road; there was all blood pouring down my face.

She escaped the incident with no serious injuries, with doctors saying the bird's beak was millimetres away from causing her serious harm.

'They swished my eye out with saline stuff and an gave me an injection and now I have an eye patch, I'm walking round at work like a pirate,' she laughed.
Ms Jones (pictured) rushed to the doctor's surgery where they said she missed serious damage by millimetres

Ms Jones joked she would start entering the lottery every day in a bid to cash in on her good luck after escaping serious injury.

Despite the altercation, she says she wouldn't hesitate to feed the birds again, just with a little more caution.

Beth Hall of Birdlife Australia's Gold Coast branch urged people not to feed magpies as swooping season approaches.

'One of the things they do say is that you should wear sunglasses if they're in an attacking or swooping mood and do not look them in the eye.'

Ms Hall suggested cafes or restaurants should also display signage that discouraged the feeding of birds where appropriate.
With swooping season looming, people are warned to take precautionary measures when eating outside in areas where butcherbirds (pictured) and magpies are common

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Don't feed the animals. We have entire areas in America overrun with feral wildlife because they became dependent on welfare.


Just stop doing that. These creatures have survived forever without humans throwing them crumbs.


So glad I terrifyingly watched the cheesy movie ‘Birds’ as a child. There’s no way in heck I would ever feed a bird, and for that very reason😱


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