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Disney Quietly Removed a Fan-Favorite Jack Black Movie From Disney Plus


Cover picture for the articleWhen it comes to streaming services, it's not uncommon for various platforms to make changes to their offerings by adding and removing content not only to keep things fresh but also for contractual reasons. Now, Disney+ has removed a fan-favorite Jack Black film from the platform, 2010's Gulliver's Travels. As of August 1st, the film is no longer available to stream on Disney+ in the United States.

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Mark Benson

it's funny how people can't understand how contracts work, if fox had already leased the movie to another party and then Disney buys fox, it doesn't null and void everything fox did before the sale. it would be like you getting a new boss, and them saying sorry but now that I own the company you're all fired cause I wasn't the one who hired you.If you rented a voice house for your kids party, then the day it gets set up the company is bought by someone else, would you want them to come and take the bounce house away from your kid cause they weren't the one that rented it to you? or would you want them to honor the contract that was made before they bought the bounce house company

Jay Wells

anti woke is a compliment. Woke people are useless. They do nothing but complain about everything and are triggered by anything.

oxy 75

they should have their full library at all times on their service.end of story.


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