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Cocker Spaniel puppy’s adorable reaction to seeing rain for the first time

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

We all had the same reaction to the summer downpours - what is this wet stuff, and why is it here? C'mon it's supposed to be sunshine.

But one tiny puppy had the most hilarious reaction to seeing rain for the first time, captured on camera by their owner.

Riley, an eight-week-old cocker spaniel puppy, had been with his family for less than a week when he went out for a wee in the garden and got caught in the start of a shower.

The video sees Riley flabbergasted by the droplets, with a voiceover that says what the pup is ‘thinking’.

It says: “What is this? Is it a game? Run! Hang on I’m getting wet!”

Meanwhile, the spooked puppy is jumping around the patio attempting to dodge the raindrops that keep falling on him.

The video has since been seen over 155,000 times, earning the family’s new arrival more than 2,000 followers in the space of three days.

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One TikTok user said: “Wait until the first snow - snowfall throwing and eating ice!”

Another joked: “The sky is attacking me!”

Whilst the general consensus that it was the ‘cutest thing I’ve seen all day’ for many of his new fans.

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Patricia Arroyo

watching puppies is one of the best therapy you can ever get if you want to laugh if you want to laugh or be happy about it


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