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Packers' GM Admits Who Pulled Trigger On Trade With Texans


The story of how the Green Bay Packers went on the offensive to lure back reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers won't soon be forgotten.

A vital tactic for Green Bay was to appease Rodgers by giving him power in personnel moves. The quarterback's first desire? Re-acquiring long-time Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb from the Houston Texans.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst all but admitted that the trade for Cobb last week was entirely driven by Rodgers' wishes.

"I think that’s a big part of it, I don’t think without Aaron we would be pursuing him," Gutekunst said via Rob Demovsky. "This was a very important thing for Aaron and that’s why we did it."

So it's simple; What Rodgers wants, Rodgers gets.

This may not reflect well on Gutekunst, who has come out of this looking 50 shades of desperate. But ultimately while his tail may be between his legs, he got what he wanted: Rodgers is back.

From a Texans perspective, this move was exactly what the doctor ordered. They got one of their worst contracts off the books, freeing up Cobb's $10.4 million cap hit by only having to pay $3 million this year.

In exchange, they also received a sixth-round pick, which for a receiver on the wrong side of 30 who missed much of last season injured, is a solid result.

To replace Cobb, the Texans traded for 26-year-old slot receiver Anthony Miller from the Chicago Bears.

A speedster who is still on his rookie contract, the Texans get a younger player in Miller who will cost them just $1.2 million this year. He had similar production to Cobb last year. The Texans parted ways with a fifth-round pick for Miller, who came packaged with a Bears' seventh-round pick.

So now that the details of these transactions have been fully revealed, everybody won. The Bears landed a draft pick. The Texans freed-up cap space. Defacto general manager Rodgers got his coveted target. And Gutekunst, sheepishly, got his quarterback.

Okay, perhaps some won more than others.

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Darla Helland

bad move on management's part. wher do they stop? Rodgers has said he wants th GM gone will they give in on that? he wasn't happy with Leflore's play calling the last game will he want him gone? sorry but he's an employee not management. should have been told to honor his contract.


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