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Britain kowtows to China in the South China Sea

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleThey will not say that this was Boris Johnson's finest hour. The British prime minister, America's nominally closest ally, isn't really that close to America. That's the only credible assessment to make of Monday's ignominious departure of the country's HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier strike group from the South China Sea. As I noted on July 23, there was great consequence in what the strike group did or did not do before departing those waters.

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Bob Fortini

All nations cannot bow or give an inch to China. They will play the game until someone stands up to them. They act like they want a war but they also know they're still vulnerable from many nations.

Ct Webb

Kowtow, also spelled kotow, Chinese (Pinyin) keitou or (Wade-Giles romanization) k’o-t’ou, in traditional China, the act of supplication made by an inferior to his superior by kneeling and knocking his head to the floor. This prostration ceremony was most commonly used in religious worship, by commoners who came to make a request of the local district magistrate, and by officials and representatives of foreign powers who came into the presence of the emperor. By the Ming period (1368–1644), the ritual, especially as made to the shrine of Confucius by the emperor and to the emperor by his officials and foreign envoys, involved “three kneelings and nine prostrations.”


most nations have already kowtowed to china. china released the virus on the world and countries are doing nothing about it including the USA. THEY DON'T CALL HIM BEJJING BIDEN FOR NOTHING. HUNTER IS STILL DEEPLY INVOLVED IN CHINA AND THE BIG GUY IS STILL GETTING HIS 10%


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