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Lisa Marie Presley Dragged Back to Court by Ex-Husband Over Child Support


Cover picture for the articleIn their ongoing bitter divorce, Michael Lockwood claims that the daughter of Elvis Presley should pay a portion of what she makes from her father's estate to cover expenses for their children. AceShowbiz - Lisa Marie Presley's ex-husband has requested monthly child support in the couple's ongoing bitter divorce. According...

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Elvis didn't make his money for ex husband to live on are off of. When the kids live with him they live of what child support and his income is. And when their with her the live on what she has. Regardless this kids aren't living poorly with him, he needs to get a job if he needs money for his kids.

Tina Bradley

If he wants to live in the same life style as his xwife then work for it. He should count himself lucky he was able to live a lifestyle like he did when he was married. Child support isn’t made to live a lavish life style it is to SUPPORT the needs of the child, not the x spouse. So Lisa is suppose to provide for his and her home. Sounds like this man needs to work for a living. I would also say Lisa Marie needs to pick better men in her life so they don’t come back like this one and want more.

Patti Jo Tabor

has custody all ready been determined or rewarded? If it is money made during marriage then they have to split it. If its money she had before marriage or money from a business and his name is not on it or any bank accounts and she has proof and all papers then he not entitled too. but if there are joint accounts she may be forced to split them with him. Sounds like he is the gold digger in this case.


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