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Fourth stimulus check update – New $1TRILLION infrastructure bill fuels hopes for another relief check

The US Sun
The US Sun

AN INFRASTRUCTURE investment bill worth $1trillion is in the works this week.

If enacted by the US Senate, there will be massive improvements in transportation, including roads, bridges and mass-transit systems.
If the bill is passed, there will be massive improvements in transportation Credit: Getty

Infrastructure package

In a heavily divided congress, the 2,702-page bill’s passage could lead to a major bipartisan win for President Joe Biden.

The package breakdown allocates $110billion for roads and bridges, $39billion for public transit systems, and $66billion for railroads.

An additional $55 billion would be included in the bill for water and wastewater infrastructure along with billions for electric vehicle charging stations and airports.
The bill’s passage could lead to a major bipartisan win for President Joe Biden Credit: Splash

'It has been decades'

Senator Kyrsten Sinema said: “We know that this has been a long and sometimes difficult process, but we are proud this evening to announce this legislation,” of the infrastructure legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said, "It has been decades - decades - since Congress passed such a significant, stand-alone investment.”

"In the end, the bipartisan group of senators have produced a bill that will dedicate substantial resources to repair, maintain, and upgrade our nation’s physical infrastructure,” the Democrat added.

'It's going to be a grind'

Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas expressed “it’s going to be a grind” to get enough votes to pass the spending plan bill, which the Republicans have recently resisted.

Cornyn said that the legislative should “take the time and care” when evaluating spending funds.

Cornyn added: “I hope we can now pump the brakes a little bit and take the time and care to evaluate the benefits and the cost of this legislation.”

What it would mean if the bill was passed

If passed, the bill would come after a $1.9trillion stimulus and coronavirus aid bill was signed without Republican support earlier this year.

It would also support Democrats in their efforts to plan a $3.5trillian “human infrastructure” bill, without Republican approval.

This bill would seek climate change support, aid immigrants in gaining legal protection and expand health care efforts, including senior citizen home assistance.

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Connie Dawson Mattingly

I need help and I think they should do another lockdown I don't want my grandbabies going to school as bad as the pandemic is and our county is in the red zone

Diane Blair-Thomas

I am confused, I am a elder, own my home, need to get fuel before winter. I already got fuel assistance earlier this year during winter. But I am worried for more. Not enough money for food and and I have 3 dogs to feed. Looking after my brother. He has cancer. All my hopes for another stimulus check is gone out the window. Another pandemic is out there. .. Heavenly father please help the elderly a little bit more. Amen. And I pray for all of us. Some don't care, its okay. We will survive what get or don't. Don't stop caring even though our government cannot help us all.


I appreciate the help we recieved but I am very upset that my husband put in over 20 years military. The last was Army National Guard. So he is not eligible for dental. We both are going around with teeth missing out of our mouth. They want over $500 to pull 2 teeth. I don't like the way I look and husbands dentures are terrible. WHY CAN'T WE GET SOME TYPE OF HELP? HE WAS AVAILABLE ANYTIME FOR THE COUNTRY.


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