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Thanks to Team Biden, America could soon be on the verge of economic disaster


Cover picture for the articleNo one knows for sure what the state of the American economy will be one year from now, but the existing evidence all points in one direction: disaster. During the widespread rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, countless economic analysts predicted the remainder of 2021 would be marked by rapid economic growth. The most popular theory was that as the economy reopened, pent-up economic demand would lead to a surge of activity, driving expansion at a record pace.

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President Joey Biden has been the best President that has been installed into the position of the United states presidency.....i mean come on when he took over gas was at an all time low we were energy independent....finally the southern border was manageable. stocks were rising vaccine was released.....and when biden took over he opened the southern border wide open during the covid pandemic allowing thousands of migrants coming up.....he killed the pipeline and he allowed the russians with their pipeline....there has been no other great president like joe biden on being anti American

Ashley Free

11 trillion in commercial debt, not to mention the federal reserve ,and giving 10 times that to other countries, but can't take of us citizens ,homeless ,ect Biden shouldnt even consider him or his admin americans there all traders

Одна жизнь

This is not a surprise, we knew this was gonna happen, especially when those dumbocrats voted to put him in office, good job liberals, communism at its finest 🙄🙄


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