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Biden urges states to speed aid after Congress, CDC unable to extend eviction moratorium

NBC News

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — Democrats in Congress and the White House on Monday pointed fingers and implored others to act to reinstate the eviction moratorium, as the CDC continued to insist it lacks the power to act unilaterally. The moratorium, which was enacted in the early days of the pandemic expired, on...

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Jim Laucher

So why do the deadbeats get yet another pass to pay their bills? Tell the banks and mortgage companies to get their money from the government ! What about small businesses that are struggling to pay rent - where's there relief bill? Thaey are the ones that need it since the dems want to pay you to stay home? Plus we are doing this for about 14 million people probably the same one's that are collecting the rest of the free money BLACKS BLM


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