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Walmart is practically giving away this 70-inch 4K TV today

Digital Trends

Cover picture for the articleIf you want the largest TV you can afford, you’re going to love this deal from Walmart. Right now, you can buy an impressive 70-inch TCL 4K TV for just $600. That’s a huge saving of $100 for an equally huge TV. For a fantastic home cinema-style experience for less, you really need to snap up one of these TVs while stocks last. You won’t be disappointed and we’re just about to tell you all about why it’s a great deal.

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pp barry

I love getting notifications for stuff, the day after it happens. it's like if I gave birth, and then the doctor told me I'm pregnant.


please use them stimulus checks to buy them TVs. In a few months I'll be looking for a TV walk in the pawn shop and there be a pretty 70 in a lot cheaper than 600 thanks guys appreciate your out of control not thinking about the next day spending thanks guys

Glo Davi

okayyyyy so ppl worried about buying a t.v instead of prepping for the dark days ahead of all of us you all better use your money to buy supplies weapons food things that will sustain you cause a t.v is not going to feed you or your family YOU'VE BEEN WARNED


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