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Team USA gymnast Jade Carey wins Olympic gold in floor exercise final

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleJade Carey took home her first Olympic medal after capturing gold in the women's individual floor exercise final Monday at the Tokyo Olympics. Carey, 21, was the second to compete on the floor, twisting, tumbling and flipping her way onto the top spot on the podium. Carey, who failed to win a medal in the individual all-around and the vault finals, placed first with a score of 14.366, ahead of Vanessa Ferrari, of Italy, who won silver with a score of 14.200. Mai Murakami, of Japan, and Angelina Melnikova, of Russia, tied for bronze with a score of 14.1665.

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Fire Everyone

Please stop mentioning Biles every time one of these girls wins a medal. She is not competing and every time you mention her you are taking the spotlight away from them.


I don't know about that with biles I was a diver and gymnast In high school and it's real easy to loose where your at in the air when twisting and somersaulting especially if your sense of balance is off and it comes in a few way one is inner ear and then when your mind and body don't work in unison. In any event it's not easy and can be very dangerous you can land on your head and break your neck if you have no idea where your at in the air


Simone stepped aside to give the other girls a chance. she's 24 with 30 medals. This young lady just won her first at 21. Simone is the GOAT!!!


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