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Masks recommended, but what do Oregonians think?

Channel 6000

Cover picture for the articlePORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon could see nearly 1,200 COVID-19 cases each day by mid-August, according to a new model projection, and that’s prompting some people to rethink wearing masks. On Sunday, Oregonians said they have mixed reactions on whether they should don their masks again. Some were supportive, others...

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heather dietz

I think Everybody needs to take responsibility for their own health... unfortunately it's not my job or concern to worry about a strangers poor health decisions, you choose how to live your life and if you're not making the best choices I'm not going to sacrifice my fresh air to put on a mask. Obviously the masks didn't work the first time so what changes now!?!?

Dean Burney

Young women are being trafficked in the streets of Portland and it just..”Goes on.” Move out of this poorly run shithole as soon as you can.

Kathy Neal

Masks do nothing except cause their wearer to breath carbon dioxide and other poisons the body is supposed to expell, not breath back in. Viruses are so tiny they go right through the weave of the mask.Now fully vaccinated people are coming down with the disease more than the unvaccinated people. That's why they call it the Depopulation Shot.


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