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New York City, NY

Gun-wielding masked men shoot 10 in New York City attack, speed off on mopeds

ABC News

Cover picture for the articleA pair of masked men unleashed a fusillade of gunfire on a crowded street in a New York City neighborhood Saturday night, wounding 10 people before getting on mopeds and speeding away, police said. New York Police Department investigators said the episode appeared to be tied to gang violence, but...

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We have a national crisis in this country with violent crime and for some reason this does not seem to be a priority with this administration. We have career criminals roaming the streets who should be in jail. When we continually excuse and normalize violent crime this is the result. It is time for Garland to focus on this and actually do something about it. It is one thing to go after the illegal guns in this country but nothing much will change if they keep ignoring the criminals and the lenient approach that is occurring in so many justice departments throughout the country. It’s almost as if somebody is intentionally trying to change the criminal justice system to destroy our cities. The DOJ has been so obsessed with white nationalism it seems they have totally ignored what is even a greater problem.

Dan Smith

well criminals follow gun laws so I don't understand what happened here.. especially considering the kind of gun control new York has.. which reminds me, how's Chicago doing?

Michael Parks

but new york city has strict gun laws everyone there should be safe oh wait.... criminals dont care! See what happens when you cant legally carry a gun! only person to kill a bad guy with a gun is a good guy, and sometimes police dont show up in time! Keep lushing that liberal agenda sure is working for New York lol


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