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Veteran Soap Opera Star Jay Pickett Dies on Set of Movie at 60

Cover picture for the articleLongtime soap opera actor Jay Pickett has died -- this while he was actually doing his job in front of the camera. Jay passed Thursday on the set of a new film he was working on called "Treasure Valley" in Idaho -- so says his costar and co-producer for the flick, Jim Heffel, who shared the tragic news on Facebook ... explaining he actually died while they were preparing to shoot a scene.

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Vickie Andrus

Rest In Peace Jay! Condolences and Prayers for family and friends 🙏🙏

Kevin Arnold

now let this be a warning to you children oh, this is what happens when you don't take your your vaccine, or maybe if you do take your vaccine I heard movie sets weren't letting people on without it.. probably him in the ZZ Top guy got the vaccines.. for a virus that's never been seen never been isolated no one's ever had a sample.. it's all just a guess... for real what a joke.. I mean I feel bad this guy died he probably did die from a vaccine but there is no samples a covid-19.. cdc's willing to give you some car SARS covid 2 samples and tell you it might turn into covid-19? but they don't know? they never seen covid-19?


Vaccident. Just wait until doctors, pilots, truck drivers and the people running the utility grid start dying from the suicide vaxx.


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