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EXPLAINER: Federal Court strikes down discrimination against religious student groups on college campus

Cover picture for the articleIn a unanimous decision, the federal court for the 8th Circuit held that administrators at the University of Iowa are violating the First Amendment by removing Christian, Muslim, and Sikh student organizations for choosing student leaders who share the group’s mission and values. The court’s ruling of InterVarsity v. University of Iowa follows a series of recent decisions that uphold the First Amendment’s free exercise clause and specifically rejects skewed applications of anti-discrimination policies based on a leader’s viewpoints.

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Robert Gifford

the court did the right thing. one religious group should not rule all others. but there could still be one leader who respects all religious groups. it is the basis for our constitution showing freedom of religion. it's also shown in Genesis. it's the same as one state cannot rule all other states.


The problem is that the people who banned the religious organizations will not be punished or penalized in any way, no money out of their pockets, no job loss, not being barred from working government jobs, nothing. This just means they will try again in some other way, since they are playing with taxpayers dollars. When someone is trying to take away a God-given and constitutionally protected right they need to be held criminally responsible.


yet another government agency persecuting chieftains. yet they allow blm and lgbq to run rampant and spread their agenda all over campus.


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