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Deer caught boxing each other on Texas homeowner's security camera

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleA Texas resident caught an unusual sight on her home security cameras when two deer wandered onto her property at the same time. Apparently, the animals weren’t on friendly terms as they both ended up standing on their hind legs boxing each other. Gay Isber Miller captured the footage during...

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Sad Sam

not sure if they were does, it could have been 2 young bucks. my parents use to live in Ruidoso, NM, my mom would feed the deer (mule deer) corn. she could call them and they'd come. They never fraught over it, guess they know mom was in charge! 😆 but one time I saw a nice buck with a good rack and had a string of Christmas lights on them! 😆 and yes I got a pic!

Brenda English

you can see the very same thing when they say last call every weekend at any bar...


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