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Beaver, Indiana counties listed as having substantial community transmission of COVID-19

WPXI Pittsburgh
WPXI Pittsburgh

Two local counties have been listed as having a substantial level of community spread of COVID-19, according to the CDC.

According to the COVID-19 tracker on, those counties include Beaver and Indiana.

That means cases have risen to the level where the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors, despite a person’s vaccination status.

Beaver has reported 570 cases in the last seven days, which is a 92% percent increase over the previous seven-day period. Indiana has reported 44 cases in the last week, which is a 300% increase over the previous week.

Beaver currently has nearly 41% of the population fully vaccinated, while Indiana reports 37.4% of the population fully vaccinated.

Lawrence County was added to the substantial spread list last week.

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Betty Sue Hoskins

now you have to watch those that have been vaccinated The delta airient virus I'd mutating in those who took the poison. They are told to wear a mask inside so they don't infect the one who chose not to take the Experimental Vaccine!!!!! MAYBE THOSE WHO DID SHOULD WEAR A BADGE SHOWING US!!!!🤪🤪

Ruth Bennett

Cases are people who are actually sick not a positive test. Or at least they were pre COVID-19. When you change the criteria for a "case" suddenly the numbers will change with it. Going with the old criteria since symptoms only appear in significantly smaller ratios you can take that number and divide it by three and still have less real cases. The case numbers are bogus and the only people who don't know it are the ones who decide not to educate themselves. Plus we are coming to the end of summer. Coronaviruses are seasonal so it's only logical that endemic flu like illnesses like COVID-19 will start to resurge in the fall for more northern states. Since some flus and colds are types of coronaviruses of course more positive tests are coming. Spring and summer are relatively quiet and fall and winter are spiked. Really nothing out of the ordinary to see here besides the media clinging to an old story but that's really nothing new either.

Dennis Carey

smfh to bad they won't put the same energy into gas prices stop illegals as they do with spreading the lies about covid


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