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90 Day Fiance viewers are questioning Natalie and Julia’s friendship

Cover picture for the articleNatalie Mordovtseva is currently struggling within her marriage to Mike Youngquist on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? but she has found an ally with her Seattle friend, Juliana. Almost immediately, fans started to question the basis of this relationship, especially after an extremely revealing conversation between the two. TLC...

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Barb Clark

when I saw previews for the next 90 days Natalie evidently is staying with this woman. I think this woman might be gay and maybe wants Natalie as a lover!

Kim berly Trembley

The bedroom action much for me. The woman seems gay, I'm sure Natalie will just use her as well for a place to crash before she fond another victim

Mellissa Leeking

Natalie never had good intentions from the get . Mike you seem to b down to earth man. A good women would have never took your presents to another women's house and gave them to her. That my friend is a red flag. She is using this lady for a way out for that green card. she wants to b in the USA no matter what it takes if it's being w u are being w that lady. she using both of y'all. Hello. she doesn't care what the cost. body language. temperament. and control . I really feel sorry for yah mike.


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