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UPDATE: Minnesota Public Beheading of Girlfriend

UPDATE: Minnesota Public Beheading of Girlfriend

Minnesota State News by Evan Green, Crime and Justice Bureau Chief

A Minnesota man has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, who was discovered decapitated on a public sidewalk.

America Thayer, 55, whose body was discovered at an intersection in Shakopee, was allegedly beheaded by 42-year-old Alexis Saborit. Thayer was pushed from a vehicle by Saborit, who then fled on foot.

A body and head were found lying nearby a vehicle, mutilated and with multiple stab wounds; Thayer was pronounced dead on the scene. According to reports, Thayer and Saborit appeared to have been longtime partners.

According to Saborit, he and Thayer were on their way to Saborit's court date when Thayer expressed her desire to end their relationship, resulting in Saborit attacking her.

Following the incident, Saborit was arrested by police. A few feet from the crime scene, a sheath for a large knife, possibly a machete, was found. In a nearby garden, a machete was discovered, as was a second knife discovered in a nearby recycling bin. Reportedly, the bin contained clothing as well.

Somebody took a video and posted it

For reasons that can't possibly be explained, a witness to the murder shot a video. The video was extremely graphic and left nothing to the imagination. Instead of taking the video directly to the police, this person posted the video on at least one video-sharing platform.

After many views and shares, an outcry emerged. As many copies of the video have been removed as possible.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said, "We are aware that a bystander took a video of this incident. We have that video. It is deeply disturbing that the first instinct was to post that on social media."

How do you feel? What do you think?

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Jeff Kbar

I'd like to see the witness that posted the video be charged with accessory to murder since they decided to post the video instead of calling the police or say something to diffuse the situation. Hell of a society we live in.


That said person with the video should be charged with something! Beyond sickening to post that anywhere!

45 Ariel

prayers and RIP, of the very sad situation he should get the death penalty


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