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Tennessee Children Found Wandering Naked at a Truck Stop

Tennessee Children Found Wandering Naked at a Truck Stop

Tennessee State News by Evan Green, Crime and Justice Bureau Chief

A couple from Tennessee have been sent to prison in south Alabama after their toddlers were found naked and dirty walking around a truck stop. Loxley police were called by bystanders when they noticed the two children.

The parents of the children were identified as Alex Busuioc, 20, and Larisa Suca, 19. They were found sleeping in their van. Several reports indicate the family was headed back to Tennessee after enjoying a beach vacation. The couple is Romanian and speaks very little English.

As a result, paramedics took the children to the hospital for evaluation after reporting they appeared to be malnourished.

As a result of their actions, Busuioc and Suca have been charged with willful abuse of a child. Currently, each of them is being held for $15,000 on bond at the Baldwin County Jail.

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Colle Petty

I don't think prison was the answer. That didn't help anyone, not even the children. It just caused more heart ache and stress. It's not like the kids were caged. They was unsupervised, and the parents were tired from a trip. I'm sure the parents would have been more careful in the future if the police educated them without sending them to prison. The parents are kids themselves, and everyone in the world would get along better if we helped each other, instead of knocking each other down.

Thelma Binkley

I am the guardian of 3 small children at the age of 62 and disabled. I will not let the 2 oldest go anywhere without myself or my sons. No matter how tired or sick I am, those children come first. Put the parents in a program to educate them on parenting and teach them English.

Liliana Ferreira Melendez

sadly Asswipes can have kids... that's what's wrong these days... let's coddle bad, negligent behavior and no accountability or responsibility....


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