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Nashville, TN

Garth Brooks Cancels Concert After Thousands Flock to Nashville

The thunder rolled too much on Saturday night, and as a result, officials postponed Garth Brooks’ Nashville show.

On Saturday, as Brooks’ fans waited in the Nissan Stadium, severe thunderstorms rolled through Music City. Now, the concert that drew tens of thousands to the outdoor venue has been postponed. Many called for the show to be moved back just one day. However, that plan has now been scratched.

According to a Nissan Stadium statement published Sunday morning, organizers will announce a new date soon.

Stadium officials announced a “lightning advisory” on Saturday around 7:50 p.m. At the time, fans heard a few songs in an opening set from the Grand Ole Opry. The set featured country singers Chris Young, Emmylou Harris, Trisha Yearwood, and longtime announcer Bill Cody.

Officials later asked attendees to shelter inside the stadium concourse. Although bad news was upon them, the crowd made the best of things. Many kicked off singalongs to Garth Brooks’ biggest hits while waiting out the storms.

Officials Set To Announce New Date for Garth Brooks’ Nashville Show Soon

Sadly, the delay continued for more than an hour before the venue announced a postponement at approximately 9:17 p.m. Organizers were “working with local officials in an attempt to reschedule” for Sunday night, Nissan Stadium said via Twitter. Still, they decided to reschedule for a later date.

“Unfortunately we were unable to secure adequate safety personnel and provide our standard of fan experience in order to move forward with the concert on Sunday evening,” they tweeted.

On Friday, Brooks’ team said that the Nashville concert had sold more than 70,000 tickets. This marled a new record for the stadium. The Music City stop is part of Brooks’ rescheduled stadium tour. The tour will take the country music legend to some of the largest concert venues in the U.S. in the coming months.

The stadium will honor fans’ purchased tickets, as well as Nissan Stadium parking passes, at the new date. “More information on ticket options will be provided in the very near future,” the statement said.

Although Garth Brooks’ fans are some of the most loyal, the postponement makes us wonder if he’ll face backlash from the attendees. Although Brooks can’t help the weather, fans quickly took to social media to air out their grievances.

“Well didn’t end up seeing @garthbrooks tonight, but we did get to walk 2 miles in a downpour back to our cars,” one saddened fan wrote about the postponed event.

Another one of his fans tweeted a “how it started versus how it’s going” post that showed two pics. The first was a picture of the fan eagerly awaiting brooks, and the next was a pic of herself drenched in the rainfall.

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Angel Geiger

years ago in Florida there was what I called the man the myth the legend Tom T Hall. we had an awful lightning and storming and pouring rain and the stage was wet. that man came out after about an hour and gave us a performance I will never forget and then even gave us tickets for his next concert. the great storyteller

Sylvia G Smith-Reed

My husband and I were there last night at the concert, and it was absolutely NO WAY anyone could performed with the terrifying lighting strikes and the flash flooding of the downpour; however,we got to see Chris Young, Emmylou Harris, and Trisha Yearwood. We were tremendously saddened not to see the concert, but GREAT CALL from the management and Nissan Stadium.

Mike Fussell

I went to the concert last night. It rained as hard as I have ever seen, and I saw some of the most incredibly large lightning bolts I have ever seen. And I mean BOLTS!!! There was NO WAY anyone could have played in that. And anyone with any common sense wouldn't have sat in the stands to watch / listen to it either with Mother Nature on full display for all to see. It would have been a problem to have the concert in doors with all the wind, rain, lightning and thunder going on outside. I wouldn't have sat in that mess to see Elvis, Van Halen, The Beatles, Guns 'n Roses, and Led Zeppelin one right after another. I guess I am just shocked that people didn't realize that an OUTDOOR CONCERT COULD BE AFFECTED BY THE WEATHER, ESPECIALLY A LIGHTNING, WIND, AND RAIN STORM!!! Do you think Mother Nature gave a hoot in hades that there was a concert scheduled? Good grief people!!!


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