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State of Texas: A family’s warning highlights deadly problem of fentanyl overdoses


Cover picture for the articleAUSTIN (Nexstar) – Becky Stewart was looking forward to a Saturday with her son Cameron in mid-March. The two planned to drive down from Williamson County, stroll around Zilker Park in Austin, maybe visit a food truck. Cameron, at 19, was Becky’s youngest son. He was bright, charismatic, entrepreneurial. He...

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Eddie Boss

This is not a color war even if more people of color are involved with drug sales due to economic disparities. Liberals are hurting minorities. Biden and Dems are helping drug passage from Mexico who get their raw ingredients from China. Opening southern borders brings great profits to Mexican crime cartels.

jc Mcc

FAKE NEWS, due to obfuscation and deflection from the real issue. Real issue is the open southern border and the criminal importation of Fentanyl. Lack of hospital beds and reduced mental health support are secondary and tertiary problems. these deaths are being caused by the real problem: DEMOCRAT POLICY AT THE BORDER.

Jamie Patterson

They are ilegally making them. Is that are chronic pain are suffering because doctors won’t give us any pain medication . It’s the cartels giving drugs to people and I have to live in severe cancer pain.


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