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Green Bay Packers Positioning Themselves to Make Another Addition


Cover picture for the articleThis may not be what going “all-in” looks like to some, but it’s clear — and has been for a while — that the Green Bay Packers are all-in on the 2021 season. Despite facing a shrunken salary cap this offseason, for the most part, the Packers were able to keep the 2020 roster together here in 2021. The only major loss in free agency was Corey Linsley–otherwise, just about everyone else is returning.

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Pennylaine St.John

They look and seem pretty solid on paper, at a run for the SB. Injury's will be a big deciding factor. Gotta pray lady luck is on their side this year and they stay healthy, but like 2010 even with injury's they came through! Good Luck boys!!! 🧀🏆


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