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Grizzly Missouri Murder: Beaten, Stabbed, Shot, Dumped

Grizzly Missouri Murder: Beaten, Stabbed, Shot, Dumped

Missouri State News by Betty Smith, Crime and Justice Bureau Chief

A Missouri man was murdered as a result of a kidnapping conspiracy involving six Missouri residents.

Along with their Alias, the defendants are listed accordingly.

  1. Freddie Lewis Tilton, also known as “Ol’ Boy,” 48
  2. Carla Jo Ward, 47, both of Joplin
  3. Amy Kay Thomas, 38, of Webb City, Missouri
  4. James B. Gibson, 39, of Neosho
  5. Lawrence William Vaughan, also known as “Scary Larry,” 49, of Newton County
  6. Russell Eugene Hurtt, also known as “Uncle,” 49, of Greenwood, Missouri

One defendant has not been apprehended. The federal indictment alleges that each of the individuals participated in a conspiracy to kidnap the victim, identified as “M.H.,”.
Grizzly Missouri Murder: Beaten, Stabbed, Shot, Dumped

According to the indictment:

  • Ward picked up M.H. and took him to Vaughan’s residence.
  • Tilton, Thomas, and Gibson arrived at Vaughan’s residence.
  • He was handcuffed and his mouth and other body parts were taped with duct tape.
  • Thomas cut M.H. numerous times with a knife and Gibson beat M.H. with a club.
  • Tilton fired the fatal shot to the head.
  • M.H.’s body was wrapped in plastic and transported to Hurtt’s wooded property.

Missouri officers executed a search warrant at Hurtt’s property based on a tip that a deceased body was located on the grounds.

When officers arrived Tilton started firing multiple shots from inside the home at them. As a result of his capture, the Missouri police discovered M.H.'s body. Additional charges were filed against the six assailants one count of using a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, resulting in murder.

There were several agencies working together with Missouri Officers to apprehend the subjects.

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big d kc

well here we go again when the police had the opportunity the man inside the house should have been killed. no we have to pay for this low life trash. as for the rest of them involved soon as there convicted they should taking out back and terminated. what kind of animals do this I don't care what the victim did. animals like this don't belong on earth


The photos are scary enough, but what they did is terrifying. Either Meth Heads or just plain psycho's, in either case, I'm glad they are in custody.


This is crazy 😧...they've all lost their minds!I'm glad they were caught although no one deserves what they did. My prayers go out to the victims family and friends.


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