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Oregon man accused of bashing female roommate in head with hammer, stabbing her; she's expected to survive

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleAn Oregon man was arrested Friday, accused of bashing his female roommate in the head with a hammer multiple times and stabbing her, authorities said. The victim was rushed to a hospital and was expected to survive. David Craft, 70, was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree assault,...

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Bob Thomas

It's so irritating when "news" reports talk about gun violence. There is no such thing. Have you ever heard of knife violence, or any other type of weapon violence? No, because none of those things jump up and attack people. The violence belongs to the perpetrator, not the inanimate object.

Paula Jones

Hammer, knife does not matter!!! Lock him up & throw away the key!! Or better yet do the same to him!!! Getting carried away with back ground check for a hammers or knIfes!!! what if he used a rock????? Come on people!!!

Kenneth Bagley

well I guess maybe the Democrats want the band hammers that's got to be in the salt hammer it's got a black handle on it


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