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‘I stood there holding my baby as she sent me pictures of an ultrasound. I was speechless. But deep down I knew.’: Mom’s breathtaking journey adopting 2 newborns only 4 months apart

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Get more stories like this in your inbox! Sign up for Smile, our free daily good news email read by over 825K people!. “When I was 6 weeks old, I went to have an ultrasound for tummy issues and they noticed my ovaries were not hooked up right. The doctor at the time felt it would be best to remove them completely. When I was 13 years old, I found out I would never be able to have children. It was then that I started researching adoption. As I grew older my biggest fear was to have to someday tell a prospective spouse that I would never be able to birth our children. Then I met Jason. He was a single dad to 2 wonderful little boys and we fell head over heels.

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En Cee

I'm not a generally emotional person but this story made me well up with happy tears. The empathy and unconditional love and acceptance vibe I get from this couple is really beautiful and heartwarming. I hope the very best for this big, busy, young family! I'm glad they've all found one another in this crazy, chaotic world.

nik bean

this made me cry ugly but happy tears.... love is love even is genuine the energy never lies.... respect to all the mothers involved... big big respect to the adoptive parents

Michelle Youngblood

I wish y'all the best of luck with ur little boy. They grow up so fast.Enjoy ur little boy to the fullest. Wish y'all many many more years of happiness.


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