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Editorial: We froze and Abbott got paid - $1 million from the billionaire profiteer of Texas' deadly storm

Houston Chronicle

Cover picture for the articleUnless your stocking caps and heavy coats are stored somewhere you can see them regularly, you may find it hard to recall that less than six months ago, in the midst of a debilitating pandemic, many of us were contemplating the possibility of freezing to death. These days, with the summer sun withering grass and backyard gardens, with temperatures camped in the mid-90s, February’s winter storm seems like a bad dream, although continuing higher-than-usual utility bills for many Texans is a jolting monthly reminder that, yes, we lived through a two-week winter nightmare.

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Richanda Morgan

so where is the same outrage that you guys have when someone is talking about how he cut off unemployment for struggling families. But he collected a million for allowing taxpayers to bailout the same people who profited from a disaster. ignorance is winning.

Joe R

And this folks is the cost of deregulation...our political leaders allow energy producers to sidestep the so called mandated upgrades allowing for cheaper power prices...not necessarily for you and I but rather industry and now they generously allow the public to absorb their costs.Nothing new here...lawmakers and railroad commissioners must not be allowed to continue....VOTE THEM OUT on next election cycle.

Texas Roads

I would like for Greg About to live without electricity for two weeks, without running water. He is as much to blame as is CPS and saws and the gas providers. All should be replaced.


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