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Presidential Election

Republicans will defend their Caesar but new revelations show Trump’s true threat

The Guardian

Cover picture for the articleOn Friday, Donald Trump received two more unwelcome reminders he is no longer president. Much as he and his minions chant “Lock her up” about Hillary Clinton and other enemies, it is he who remains in legal jeopardy and political limbo. Trump’s allies on Capitol Hill will again be forced...

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Viva Satire!!

One day when all of the evidence is presented in Court, how his Supporters were conned to help him make $2Billion while President, they'll still believe him because he shares their bigotry and racism.

Michele Rokes

It's about time to expose who Trump really is and finally make him face legal truth and conviction. He, alone, made all the problems coming his way and I can't wait to see the weight of it hit him. Wonder if he will ever admit to the reality he's about to face.


No matter that Trump’s base continue to support him! He NO longer squats in our House as the King he thought he would be! The American people fired him, rid ourselves of him! The beacon of light which is Truth will prove once and for all that Donald Trump is a hoax and a fake who cared NOTHING for the health, welfare or security of the American people.


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