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New York City, NY

Federal Eviction Moratorium Expires, Protections In Place For Renters In New York And New Jersey

CBS New York
CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The federal eviction moratorium expires Saturday night, millions of Americans who are behind on their rent could soon be forced from their homes.

In the Tri-State Area, that includes tenants in Connecticut, but other states, including New York and New Jersey, have measures in place to help renters.

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New Yorker has protections through the end of August.

In New Jersey, renters can’t be evicted until 2022.

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The renters need to understand that the landlords have had to continually pay for upkeep, taxes, mortgages, insurance etc on the property they are renting. Where is their relief? No income so they are stretched to the limit. More was made on unemployment then was made while working and still some refuse to pay because the government says you don’t have to. That is wrong.


They were making more on unemployment than working, no reason not to pay there rent , I was on unemployment and my rent of 700 got paid every month. Throw the pricks out in the street .

Amor Sin-Corazón

What u do with the stimulus money you got for you n the children? what happened to unemployment money n back payments? you made enough to pay all your bills. not paying the rent was your human right. being homeless because you decided not to pay was your choice. how about all the landlord not being paid, n people causing thousands of dollars in property damage. at the end of it landlord still have to pay mortgage, water bills while you were still residing in the property. they didn't get a deduction for this.


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