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San Francisco, CA

San Francisco activists gather at Pelosi's home to serve 'eviction notice'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleHousing and homeless advocates protested outside of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco home Saturday demanding the House Speaker reconvene Congress to pass an extension to the expiring eviction moratorium. The House adjourned Friday for summer recess without passing legislation to extend a nationwide ban on evictions that is set to expire...

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Bill Jones

To all of the Biden voters ....The democrats used you...they lied to you....and now they forgot does that make you feel?....They promised you things that aren't true...and made pledges to you...for your vote....You voted for the wrong one....plain and simple....Joe Biden and Kamala Harris said anything they wanted knowing it was not gonna happen just to pad their own pockets.....WELL DONE....You made the rich ..richer....and put many families out on the street...all because of The Biden Crime Family

Tonia Barlow

If you received the unemployment benefits and was eligible for the pandemic pay, there is no reason to be behind on your rent. Rent is the 1st bill that should be paid.


Keep up the good work!!! She needs pressure. And absolutely right she’s more worried about taking care of illegals than taking care of the people who make it possible for her. She’s a sellout to the American people and a disgrace to her position. She’s old as dirt and her ideas show for it. It has to be Alzheimer’s or dementia because no one in their right mind and who is American would be pushing for her agenda. I hold her personally responsible for destroying many American families. She should be held responsible for her inadequate decisions.


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