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Abused dogs get second chance in Nebraska

Cover picture for the articleAbused animals arrived in Omaha, Saturday, hoping for a chance at a second life. Ten dogs were brought to the Nebraska Humane Society from an overcrowded home in Ohio to be cared for. They took timid steps as they left the ASPCA van that carried them across the country. In...

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Repub BlueLine Wife

We have a chiwienne that we were "taking care of". The people we got him from basically dumped him with me then forgot him. He was terrified and had a gash in his face. All I wanted to do was pick him up and just cuddle him. Several hours later I was able too. I told his "owners" there was no way they'd get him back. The horrors that we found out he went thru still makes me cry. He's the best dog now. So loving and sweet. I hate with a passion animal abusers.


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