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‘We Are At A Pivotal Moment’: Gov. Tom Wolf Begs Pennsylvania Lawmakers To Talk To Unvaccinated Constituents

CBS Philly
CBS Philly

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf wants the General Assembly to ask their constituents to get vaccinated as the commonwealth faces a new wave of COVID-19 cases.

In a letter dated July 29, Wolf wrote the state is eighth in the number of first COVID vaccine doses administered. The state recently announced a campaign to text residents who missed their second doses. The governor also writes the state is 45th in the country for new cases.

However, the numbers are still frightening, Wolf says.

“Unfortunately, the rising tide of the Delta variant is lifting case numbers in all states, and Pennsylvania is no exception – our statewide 7-day average daily caseload has nearly quadrupled in just three weeks,” he wrote in the letter.

The governor tells General Assembly members the time is now to stop this trend in the Keystone State before it is too late.

“We are at a pivotal moment in this pandemic – a moment that has already passed in states like Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana – where we can either stand by as COVID evolves into a disease that hospitalizes people at rates rivaling the COVID we knew in 2020, or we can redouble our vaccination efforts and work together to protect the progress we have made and avoid the consequences of widespread infection,” he said.

The letter wraps up by asking lawmakers to talk to their unvaccinated constituents in person or even on social media.

The letter in its entirety can be viewed here .

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Rack Attack

When is this farce going to be over? This is a New World Order takeover. And it has failed. Knock off the charades & theater already. Yes, there is a virus, but it was man-made and it was released on purpose. It's death rate is low, perhaps even lower than the common flu - which basically it is. Lockdowns, the face mask mandates, etc., were all a means to get rid of Trump, destroy the American economy, and impose more control on its people, including surveillance via contact tracers, and various apps. It's also being used to impose first amendment/free speech restrictions, in a country where there's supposed to be none. Isn't there anybody not corrupt in government who will arrest these f00Is that released this, and set the situation straight!? Give us all a break already, enough with the nonsense, we know what you're doing.

kre615 Turner

it takes years for a vaccine to even get approved by the FDA this vaccine hasn't even been out a year and fully vaccinated ppl are still dying even more than the unvaccinated what does that say about this so called vaccine 🙄 and if you want to be infertile that's your choice

Andrea Chackan DiGiacomo

Question- How many unvaccinated, unvetted illegals have been seeded into sanctuary PA cities and small towns? Transparency and common sense will help folks trying to follow the conflicting messages from leadership.


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