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Seattle, WA

Rapper Gonzoe, Friend of Tupac is Dead at 45

Cover picture for the articleGonzoe the rapper -- a friend of Tupac and Ice Cube -- has been murdered. Police say Gonzoe was shot 3 times in the chest near a gas station in Seattle, Washington. The gunman is still at large and cops are on the hunt. The 45-year-old rapper -- real name...

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Mary Cannon

Dear family, I want to express my condolences to your family and friends on the loss of your dear love one.Times like these are always painful and difficult.During your time of mourning, please draw comfort and hope in God’s Word the Bible.At Revelation 21:3-4 it tells us that in the near future God will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and that death and pain will be no more.Please draw comfort and hope from the Bible and the wonderful hope that is held out.

Dirty Cee

You got a better chance surviving .....walking a minefield in Afghanistan with the Taliban watching with machines guns ready to shoot then being a rapper.......

Darren Green

surprise, surprise. and those double digit IQ rappers like dababy and ti worry about Lil Naz X. here's the real problem plaging the black community. that and multiple children by multiple baby momma's and Daddy's


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