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Who Is Bubba Wallace's Fiancee Amanda Carter?

Cover picture for the articleWilliam Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr., known professionally as Bubba Wallace, made a name for himself as a NASCAR driver when he was hired by Richard Petty to drive the iconic number 43, "the winningest car in NASCAR history," per CBS Sports. Not only was it a big deal that Petty gave the car to a rookie, but Wallace also made history when he became the second-ever African American full-time driver in a Cup series, and the first since 1971. Wallace also made history when he used his platform for advocacy in NASCAR, calling on the sport to ban Confederate flags at their races after the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. His calls were heeded, and NASCAR banned the flag, reported The New York Times. He also attracted attention when he brought to light the fact that he was dealing with depression, an admission he later said on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s podcast that he did not think would resonate with so many people.

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amazing that he doesn't identify with anyone white. except women. his dad is white and he says he's black.

Barb Clark

I was really surprised she was white knowing how he feels about us white folk!

George Ellis

If BLM is so important to him you'd think he'd want to marry a black woman and have black children. (Makes since to me )


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