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New attacks on US officials prove Russia is our enemy, not our friend

New York Post

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden is on a mission to try yet another “reset” with Russia. He’s reached out to President Vladimir Putin for a summit that took place in Geneva in June, canceled the sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and refused to blame the Russian state for the devastating cyberattacks on our food and gasoline reserves, fingering “Russia-based” criminal hackers instead. But few attacks of any kind emanate from Russia without the Kremlin’s permission.

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Jarod Olsen

Yet Biden is in bed with Russia. Ever heard of the Nord2 pipeline, you know the one Trump kept Russia from finishing. Biden helped Russia finish it yet stopped our own keystone xl pipeline...............

Pheobe Nantz

At least Trump knew how to keep these countries in their place. This COWARD in the Whitehouse will have us in Devastating war with Russia, North Korea and Iran. Not China...They are his good buddies

Austin Seaver

Biden is going to drive us into another war. And another thing, why don't we bolster cyber security, you don't see the Swiss with any cyber attack problems. We invented the internet and never kept up with the innovations of the technology, decided we didn't need to, or it wasn't important enough. Seems pretty important when a single day event can cripple the country.


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