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Former Schwarzenegger staffer: California should not dismiss the recall election as a joke

Sacramento Bee

Cover picture for the articleProminent reporters and columnists have called the imminent California election to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom a “farce,” “sideshow,” “absurd” and “a big joke.” A top Democratic operative describes the Republican field of candidates — which includes a sitting member of the California Assembly, a former Congressman and a former mayor of California’s second-largest city — as a “bunch of clowns.”

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OK , believe me ,no one is laughing at the joke that is now The Grewsome one. No one! God knows, we are dead serious on killing his career here in California, dead serious!! He's starting to wake up to that now. 😇

David Story

Newsom has received extensive data on how masks have a negligible effect on covid spread, yet he’s taking this time to signal to his base that he’s 100% political and 0% fact. He’s taking a second swing at obstructing businesses and our rights so that he can pump up his authoritarian supporters. Will he get away with it?


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