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Royal Family Members Urges Queen Elizabeth to Disown Prince Harry, Expert Claims

Cover picture for the articleA royal expert claims some Royal Family members want the Queen to "disown" Prince Harry after it was revealed that he wants to write a tell-all book in 2022. In response to a comment from one of her YouTube channel followers, Lady Colin Campbell noted that different members of the Royal Family, Palace officials; even the politicians thought the Queen should renounce Prince Harry.

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Valerie Tarren

Just Harry as he wanted to be called should just shut up. He makes himself sound more and more desperate each day. Get some mental, health help before your children suffer. How can they grow up with a normal life living with these two who cannot tell the truth about so many things they seem to live in a fantasy world. The Royal family needs neither of them cut them off.

Bonnie Adkins

I have grandchildren, so I get how hard it is for the Queen. But she has to draw the line somewhere. Unfortunately Harry doesn't get it. He's not very bright. Harry and Meghan should shut the heck up and live their miserable life. Meghan only cares about MONEY and will step on anyone to get what she wants. good luck with that Harry!

Sharon Lemacks

they should be stripped of any royal titles, both have done nothing short of mocking the Royal family, telling fabricated tales which were found to be untrue. if they don't want to support and be part of the Royal family as other's do, then termination should set forth immediately.Harry made a terrible mistake marrying Markle, he should have headed Williams advice to not rush into marriage. She's nothing but a has been actress who wanted to be famous, they both complained about wanting privacy but continue to do the opposite to stay in the limelight. My heart goes out to the Royal family having to go through the terrible accusations being said about them.


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