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If Biden and Democrats think Black people will repeat 2020, think again

Cover picture for the articleOPINION: Black people cannot save a party unwilling to use the power Black people gave them in the first place. President Joe Biden and the Democrats are in power, with control of the White House and both chambers of Congress thanks to Black voters. Meanwhile, the Dems are having a debate among themselves over whether they should use their power and pass legislation to combat GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering, or flush it all down the toilet and tell Black voters to out-organize themselves — and the Democratic Party — out of this mess.

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😂🤣😂🤣🤦 Dems been doing this for decades and NOTHING has changed. Blacks show up every 4 yrs as they are told....

Wesley Dunn

What are they talking about? To show your ID is not racist. This is a bad as there action on the economy. We need to get them out. If the blacks would look at what the Trump administration did for them they would see the real dangerous party towards them is the democrats. They hold you back for your vote and that's all. Now they are replacing you with illegals. wake up fast or you will have no vote

Danetta Owens

I agree with all you have said. And it's time for all Seniors etc. and the poorest sit back and let them go to the table without people of all color who have suffered for all this year's and gotten nothing. please go check out Walter Holt ATTORNEY of law for Seniors. There is help for all senior. So Binden all that color you have in the White House will not help you and Harris this time. The lies has to go.


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