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‘Why are you flying with such a young infant?’ He grinned, then walked away.’: Flight attendants pay it forward for adoptive couple after 9-year battle with infertility

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Rena Mayer

We flew home 39 years ago with our adopted daughter. While in the air a flight attendant told us that she was too young to fly. Asked flight attendant what does she think we should do with her now that we are in the air? She walked away saying things out loud, under her breath. Our daughter was perfect during entire flight: ate, slept, bathroom. She was better behaved than the attendant. It was a wonderful day and it gets better. Congrats

lorac c.

people can be very rude and cruel. they weren't taught any manners.good luck and God bless.

Rusty Red

Wow, risky move by that flight attended as he was lucky to have such passengers on that flight. I'm sure one day he will be in trouble as a woke passenger will sue the airline and other woke passengers will to as well.


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