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The pandemic turning point the White House didn't want

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(CNN) — President Joe Biden is tired of wearing a mask. Stepping into the East Room on Thursday, his face covered in black surgical fabric for the first time in weeks, the President made no attempt to disguise his disappointment at returning to the most charged symbol of the pandemic era.

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Lesia Brown

Biden is pissed bc he Did not reach his vaccine percentage goal.This is a act of revenge.They want to cripple our country bc of upcoming election.They will try everything to stay in power Biden needs to be impeached!!His open borders are to blame among the rest of the lies being told to us Citizens.Ir a political act.Stand up people it's time for this to stop

eric elderkin

so why let all those illegals in this country if you Biden want this pandemic to go away. you just help infect more citizens from all those who enter illegal and they aren't safe or even wear masks. hippocrite in plain site


Why I think this is a scam. The delta virus shouldn’t even be in this country. A wide open border where hundreds and hundreds of covid carrying illegal alien border jumpers come in everyday. It looks like there invited in walked to a bus and hauled all over the country. The only problem we have stopping this virus is sitting in the White House and his administration. So I don’t blame people who choose not to be vaccinated and when the time comes he puts the unvaccinated in interment camps I will gladly stand with the unvaccinated.


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