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I’m Raising My Sister’s Kid, but My Parents Still Hate Me – Story of the Day

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My sister was the golden child, and I had to raise her baby when she got pregnant. But my parents would not give me any love and did the unspeakable years later. By the time I was five years old, I could tell that my parents preferred my sister, Madeline, over me. Although I was younger, they barely paid me any attention. My birthdays were small and simple, whereas they would throw big events for my sister.

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These parents are narcissistic & Madeline was their golden child. You were/are very brave to leave & take your nephew away from that toxic environment. Stay strong.

Kathy Ford

Knowing first hand what it is like to be in her shoes, it is not the kind of life you want to grow up in. I myself had to endure the kind of life she did growing up with an older sister blaming me for all the wrongs she did and the laughing behind our father's back. She got everything and I got the beating. I had to take all the punishment that she she have gotten. Let alone the cut downs that I had to take from her friends. She got what she shave years down the line. my adult children don't want anything to do with her and my grandchildren feel the same way. Karma can get you back when you continue your behavior as an adult around family members, so watch your mouth and back!!!

Feet on the ground

Sounds like one of those oral lesson stories but something similar happened to my Dad and stepmother only it didn’t end so happily. My 16 year old stepsister got pregnant by a 19 year old punk. The punk married her to keep from going to prison because he was on probation. She was a minor and he was not. The marriage barely lasted 6 months before her and her baby were back home. By the time the baby was a year old, stepsister had met and married another guy. They left the baby with Dad and stepmother until she was 3. My stepsister and her husband got angry over something and came and got the baby. It broke my Dad’s heart.


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