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FACT CHECK: No, Donald Trump Did Not Win Every State Except New York In The 2020 Election

Cover picture for the articleA post shared on Facebook claims former President Donald Trump won every state except New York in the 2020 presidential election. Trump did not win any Electoral College votes in 24 states and only received 232 total Electoral College votes. Fact Check:. Despite over eight months having elapsed since the...

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trump is a smuck

that is what i got written down, i recorded this and wrote down every swing and battle state for both trump and biden, and the numbers that they had to get to win that state

Suzie Lydon

it really doesn't matter what fake numbers trump and cult make up.we all know he lost!not only did he lose, he lost big time with no way to try to switch up numbers.he lost so big, there's no question that Americans voted him out!!! jeez, how long will we have to look at the biggest loser cry about it. time to put your big boy pants on and shut up

Harold North

tRump gone and never to return get over it next step towards destruction coming soon to a court near you !!!


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