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FACT CHECK: Did Rachel Maddow Reveal In July That Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Is Higher Than Ted Cruz In Texas?

Cover picture for the articleA post shared on Instagram claims MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow recently revealed President Joe Biden has a higher approval rating in Texas than Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. While Maddow did highlight in May a poll that showed Biden having a higher approval rating than Cruz in Texas, a more recent poll from June 2021 shows Biden’s and Cruz’s respective approval ratings were the same. Maddow has not highlighted any other polls comparing their approval ratings on her show or her social media recently.

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Sandy Delvillar

More FAKE NEWS. How about telling the public the real news like, so far over 1 Million ILLEGALS have crossed the border & thousands have Covid. Yet BIDEN is flying them all over the country & putting them up in 3 Star hotels with YOUR tax money.


They are taking the illegals to small conservative towns all across the United States, so they can start to vote as soon as they can in the next elections..

Vickie L

uhmmmm, wrong! that is so funny! maybe parts of Texas, but not the whole of Texas!


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