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Stimulus Check Update: Possibility Of Another Relief Payment

Cover picture for the articleIt should come as no surprise to anyone that the stimulus check payments have been a massive boon to families. The payments from the government have really helped families stay afloat during the pandemic. With the pandemic still ongoing, and the number of cases rising due to the Delta variant, a question arises- will there be another stimulus payment from the government?

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Melissa Brooks

what about us Veterans who fought on the front lines for our country. and the people on SS who worked all their life only to be knocked down for the 200 a month food has doubled in price also gas cost of living you talk about 2022 raise what about now when we can hardly make it. elec water still piled up you filled out the electric form to have money taken off you bill you are a disabled veteran and also on.SS still trying to catch up and that elec thing still hasnt happened water company are harassing you what about money taken off the water bill To me it isnt fair at all to single out certain groups to receive stimulous payments like unemployment teachers etc while others are still in poverty cause of the rise in prices food gas etc.

Tena Bruce

We Need A Stimulus Package Real Bad!!! Those people who got the child tax credit, well to me that’s not fair, cause my kids r grown and out on their own! We or I know I need more money for my bills and food and even a different car, cause mine is old and falling apart!! I have been waiting on hoping I get a stimulus package cause I would definitely use most of it on a car!!!! It’s a kind of life or death , cause my car is old and needs to many things to keep it running right!! So I Say Yes 🙌,Yes !!!!

Lisa Model-Sanchez

First off the stimulas checks add up to 3200 since the pandamic hit..So quit patting yourselves on the shoulder like you've done so much for the ppl...Some ppls rent or house payment is close to that amount..So it woulsnt hurt a bit to help the ppl again..


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