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Democrats want to flip 'defund the police' on Republicans. It could backfire.


Cover picture for the articleThe Democrats are rolling out a counterintuitive new messaging strategy in anticipation of the 2022 elections: Republicans are defunding the police. It’s an attempt by Democrats to counter attacks from the GOP about being weak on law enforcement; liberal lawmakers hope they can flip the right-wing narrative and argue that the legislative record shows the Democratic Party is in fact the fiercest ally of the police.

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Mike Constantine

Between Defund the police, And letting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens cross our Southern border unvaccinated, Untested, And shipping them out throughout the whole country, The democrats are gonna have a huge loss in the midterms! They know it, They are trying to change the narrative, It wont-work!

David Wall

This is the best example of the democrats relying on their base to be uneducated. We live in a sound bite nation. They rely on the fact that most people see a headline or hear a quote or sound bite and don’t truly educate themselves. To think that people might actually believe “defund the police” is a republican narrative is absolutely hilarious


Everyone know republicans for funding more police, not less!! At the riots last year all you hear from Dems is defund police! Can’t retract what is a fact!!


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