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Boyfriend Beheaded Girlfriend in Broad Daylight Because She Wanted to End Relationship: Docs


A Minnesota man was formally charged on Friday with murdering his girlfriend, who was reportedly found decapitated on a public sidewalk on Wednesday.

Alexis Saborit, 42, is accused of beheading America Thayer, 55, whose body was discovered at an intersection in Shakopee. WCCO reported that Saborit fled on foot after attacking Thayer and pushing her out of a vehicle.

Officers arrested Saborit shortly after the incident. A sheath for a large knife, possibly a machete, was reportedly recovered a few feet from the crime scene. A machete was discovered in a garden near the intersection, while a second knife was found in a nearby recycling bin. WCCO reported that the bin also contained clothing.

According to the news outlet, Saborit said he and Thayer were en route to a court date for Saborit when Thayer said she wanted to end their relationship, prompting Saborit to attack her.

As Crime Online previously reported, Thayer’s head and decapitated body, with multiple stab wounds, were found lying next to a vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Thayer and Saborit were reportedly in a long-term relationship.

Court records from Scott County indicated that Saborit is also facing charges of arson and obstructing a police officer. He also has a 2017 conviction for domestic assault in Carver County.

Police have denounced the circulation of a video that apparently shows part of Wednesday’s attack. Crime Online has reviewed the footage, but will not be posting it due to its extremely graphic nature.

[Featured image: America Thayer/Facebook; Alexis Saborit/Scott County Jail]

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Cherry Ames Ames

all ladies, listen up: when you want to end a relationship with someone, do it on the phone or by text or email from a place where he or she can't get to you. Don't do it in person. don't let him know you're leaving. even if he's never been violent. I hear about women being murdered after telling spouse they're leaving frequently.

Dianne Santoro

To many women and children being murdered!! THIS needs to stop, also have noticed women being murdered just for leaving an abusive relationship! in my opinion, NARSSISSISM IS AT EPIDEMIC LEVELS! WALK away women, and don't look back!

Cherry Ames Ames

she's so pretty. wish she could have found a decent man. They should have just tossed him in with some violent prisoners, who liked to beat up creeps like him, way before he killed her. After a few years of getting beat up by them, knowing they were going to toss him back in with them if he touched her again, the sissy creep might be nicer or dead, either way, we'd all be better off.


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